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Solar 4-Way Lamp with Integrate Poly Crystalline Panels

Solar 4-Way Lamp with Integrate Poly Crystalline Panels
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$6.90 USD


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Item No: 14021
Qty Available: 1,000pcs
Min Order: 100units @ $7.90USD
Purchase all Qty: 1,000units @ $6.90USD


The Solar 4-Way Lamp is a highly efficient solar powered light source, which is useful for fans of the outdoors and rural communities. It uses an integrate poly crystalline solar panels, which are made using multiple crystals (instead of a single crystal like mono crystalline) and is great for rural conditions, as they are able to maintain their optimum efficiency rate in lower and higher temperatures.

The lamp needs 7-9 hours of full exposure to charge, or it can be charged using a 2mm Nokia AC charger, and will operate for 6-9 hours on full charge. It also has four positions to suit a multitude of needs; it can be hung vertically or horizontally, and can be stood on it's head or foot. The lamp also comes in three colours: yellow, red, and blue.

Product Details


  • Solar Panel: integrate poly crystalline, 0.4W/5V
  • Battery: 3.2V/550mAh, replaceable LifePO4
  • Light Source: 0.5 Watt bright LED with long lifespan
  • Working time: 6 hours on High mode, 9 hours on Low mode (when fully charged)
  • Charging time: 7-9 hours under full exposure
  • Way of Charging: by solar or 2mm Nokia AC Charger


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